Bio Conscious Technologies is a health analytics company in Vancouver, Canada, building technologies to allow patients and primary care providers to better understand a user’s health and risk factors. Bio Conscious’ first app, DiaBits, allows Diabetic users to manage their blood sugar with forward-looking trends so to avoid sugar highs and lows.

As part of the Creative Destruction Lab, Stephen advised Bio Conscious in the 2016-2017 academic year. He stayed on with the company as an advisor thereafter, and joined the firm full time as their Chief Operating Officer in 2019.


Alternative Launch Funding for Student Nanosatellite Missions
Katie Gwozdecky, Stephen Dodge

Published in the 32nd Annual AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites
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TradeGecko is a Singapore-based commerce management start-up with offices in Manila and Toronto.  TradeGecko’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to start and scale their businesses with a digital-first mindset, and to compete against the titans of the ecommerce industry.

Stephen joined TradeGecko’s Sales Team in Toronto in late February 2018 and worked with the sales, partnerships, and marketing teams to transform the inbound sales process.

The University of Toronto Aerospace Team (UTAT) is Canada’s largest aerospace student group and the University of Toronto's largest design team.  UTAT's mission is to enhance the education of students studying a host of aerospace-related programs by providing hands-on experiences in the design, construction, and testing of systems.  

Stephen joined UTAT in late 2016 as their Director of Business Development (then Strategic Partnerships).  His mandates included building a strategy to fit the organization's long term growth objectives, and an ambitious project fully fund the development and launch of a microbiology satellite which he achieved in spring 2017 securing $480,000 for two years. 

The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL)  is a seed-stage startup accellerator run out of the Joseph L Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.  CDL exists for the purpose of creating a market for good judgement in startups outside of Silicon Valley bringing together successful business minds and highly scalable high-tech startups.

Stephen was one of ten undergrads selected to the program for academic 2016-17.

The Queen West Art Crawl (QWAC) is an annual arts festival held in Toronto’s west end entertaining 80,000 attendees, 200 artists, sculptors, craftspeople and jewelry makers, and  numerous community groups all engaged in Toronto’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Stephen served on the Board of Directors of QWAC from December 2015, and took the role of Co-Chair of the Board from November 2017 to October 2018.

The York School (York) is an independent school in midtown Toronto offering International Baccalaureate curriculum to students from kindergarten to twelfth grade.  The school is known for both its academics and STEM integration.

An alumni of York, Stephen returned to the school in 2016 as a coach for the York debate team, the school’s largest and traditionally highest performing team.  He teaches presentation skills, confidence, and improvisation to students from grades 6 to 12, preparing those students for speaking competitions and debates in Toronto and around the world.

The University of Toronto’s Festival of Dance is an annual event held in Hart House Theatre bringing together numerous campus and community dance groups. The Festival is the ultimate curated dance show of the year hosting a massive variety of pieces.

The Festival of Dance was Stephen’s artistic capstone at the University of Toronto.  A lighting designer of five years Stephen took on that role with the festival this year, contributing towards a very successsful festival.   

The Bridge Initiative (Bridge) is an independent organization run by students of Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto working in parallel to the Rotman Commerce Careers Center with the goal of improving the employability of its graduates.  

Stephen was co-founder of Bridge and handled the business development activities of the organization through its first year of operations.  Stephen is highly dedicated to increasing the employability of UofT students.

The Rotman Commerce Students’ Association (RCSA) is the students’ union representing commerce students at the Joseph L Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. 

The RCSA is directed by its Governing Council on which Stephen held a seat in academic 2016-17 so to have an ear of the issues of students and provide oversight on the organization's’ operations.

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The Woodsworth Innis New Drama Society is a University of Toronto theatre company representing the students of Woodsworth, Innis, and New Colleges.  The company specializes in fully-student-run stage-produced plays and musicals, developing traditional shows with a modern twist.

Stephen founded WINDS in 2014 along with Shak Haq, a veteran of the UofT theatre community. Then the Woodsworth Performing Arts Collective, the company had a successful first season which enabled it to expand to represent students from Innis and New Colleges.  In 2017 WINDS disbanded after three successful seasons. 

The UC Follies is a University of Toronto theatre company operating out of University College since 1880.  The company specializes in both stage-produced plays and sketch comedy.  

In 2014 Stephen was the production manager on UC Follies' original production of Belle Gunness: The Black Widow of LaPort.